Tom relishing his new role

MACCLESFIELD Golf Club’s young star Tom Hollingworth has high ambitions to succeed in the professional golf world and is enjoying his move to join a top team at Bramall Park Golf Club.

Tom said: "Life couldn't be better at Bramall Park Golf Club, it has lived up to my expectations and exceeded them. Since the second I started I have never had a dull moment, Craig Daggitt and Liam Burgess are more than just colleagues -they have become good friends and we have been out as a group for some curry nights already!
"They have already in the few months I have spent with them help me improve my knowledge, not only of the game of golf, but every aspect of the golfing community as well as business knowledge. 

"A perfect example of this is that Craig invited me to come and help with his ladies group session that he provides every Saturday.

Craig welcome tom to Bramall Park GC


"He guides me on what I should be looking for in the swing and how to help improve the clients’ skills. As a consequence it improves my knowledge which I can then take forward into future lessons that I will provide.

"All the members have been very welcoming to me and many of them come to see me and check how I am getting on.
"I am very grateful to my parents for providing me with the opportunity to play golf and then supporting me with everything that a golf career entails and also for helping me, as much as they can in giving me the best possible chance for me to follow my dreams and live a long and happy life.
  A special thanks also to Christian O'Connor who runs the golf shop at Macclesfield Golf Club.

"He gave me my first job and in the three years I was with Christian he provided me with a basic knowledge of the life in a shop, selling golf products, club repairs, preparing merchandise, as well as competition organisation.  

"My coach,Matt Dixon who has brought my golf on tremendously, in the last two years and is always pushing me to improve and push forward with my golf game.

"Also, I would like to thank all the members at Macclesfield Golf Club for looking after me as young junior and always having the time to speak to me, play with me and educate me about golf.
"My Ambition since I stopped playing rugby at 13, after five successive Cheshire Cup wins, has always been to play on the European tour and play in Professional events all over the world and not only play in these tournaments but to win them as well.  "This is the ultimate dream as I realise the difficulty to get to that level and then to also maintain it is extremely challenging. 

"That is why I have my second dream which is potentially to teach golf all over the world and one day have my own school of golf whilst continuing to play in the local, national PGA and Professional Events.
"My final thought is -Always believe in your dream, Mum & Dad have always told me that, if you want it enough and work hard enough you will achieve it.  Jamie Donaldson at Macclesfield Golf Club showed what drive and focus can achieve."
Craig Daggitt added: "Tom recently joined the PGA and is now in his first year of training. He is the fifth member of our Professional team alongside myself, Liam Burgess, Olly Whiteley and Pascal Ogden.

"He is learning the trade by working full time in the shop, he has had club building training, custom fit training and is now teaching new lady golfers on a Saturday and junior groups on a Sunday afternoon. He is also representing the club in the MDGA so that he can keep his golf on track too!!!"


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