Rough set for new treatment at Chorlton

CHORLTON Golf Club’s course manager Dave Berry and his team were delighted with the arrival of a new top-of-the-range rough cutting machine which will do much to enhance the presentation of the course throughout the season for many years to come

Dave said: ".I am sure all members of golf clubs throughout the region will appreciate how difficult the rough can be at times particularly in warm damp conditions when the grass just grows for fun . 

"At Chorlton , we enjoy very fertile soil over much of the course which allows the grass to  recover remarkably after times of stress such as the recent drought and hot weather we all enjoyed this summer .

Dave on board the new rough machine with green staff and club directors in attendance


"Fortunately for us the drought actually burnt most of the course and restricted the rough from growing at its usual rate .

"I say fortunately because our ageing rough cutting machinery has long been overdue for replacement and struggled to keep up with demands on course presentation .

 "Following rigorous demonstrations of the leading grass machinery suppliers of rough cutting equipment, we soon established that The John Deere 9009A  rotary mower ticked all the boxes in terms of power and quality of cut required to maintain Chorlton at its best for longer periods throughout the season .

"Turner Groundcare supplied the original demonstration rough cutter that impressed us to the point of me then being confident enough to present it to our Director of Greens Dave Paxton junior as the machine for him to recommend to the club Directors for purchase.

"Bearing in mind that most golf courses are covered by at least 50 per cent with rough and almost all golfers spend most of their time in the rough looking for balls , it was a no-brainer for our Directors to agree on this major purchase to enhance the enjoyment of all that frequent our course .

"I am sure all the members will appreciate this acquisition as prudent spending of their valued subscriptions and support for the golf club.

"We are looking forward to further investment in our ever-improving fleet of machinery to compliment the massive improvements in the drainage facilities over recent years .

"The recent hot weather also highlighted how vulnerable our irrigation system is particularly in terms of the teeing areas that were reduced to dust bowls for most of the summer.

"All the tees are presently being upgraded to operate automatically in conjunction to the greens network of sprinklers that has also benefitted from  recent major investment .

"All in all the future is looking bright for Chorlton with the forward-thinking attitude towards improving the whole golfing experience throughout the club,"


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