Geoff completes 50 years as a Maniac

GEOFF Dawson joined Blackley Golf Club in 1967 and immediately enrolled for the Maniacs Winter Competition which runs from November to April.

He then continued to play for 50 consecutive years, having several partners. Geoff eventually found a long term partner in Jack Dolan and they played together for 30 years.

The most notable season was when he partnered Graham Douglas and when they went right through the season until the last three weeks undefeated.

In recent times Geoff believes the club is moving forward with an impressive new Clubhouse and Grounds Facility, plus the investment in the last couple of years on new grounds equipment, irrigation and fairway drainage systems.

Geoff (left) is congratulated by ex-Captain Ian Lowe on his 50 years as a Blackley Maniac


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