WGTB Club Trophy 2016


  WGTB Club Trophy 2016     Preliminary Round    
1 V. Mills & S. Jones Brookdale v A. Hall & M. Fenton Cheadle Away Win
2 S. Seager & A. Angelone Stamford v I. Shaw & I. Jordan Sale Home Win
3 J. Eaton & I. Collins Heaton Moor v D. Counsell & D. McDermott Denton Away Win
4 S. Brookes & P. Birkett Chorlton v J. Williams & D. Jackson Brookdale Away Win
5 G. Gable & D. Stephenson Disley v J. Sandford & N. Bottomley Cheadle Home Win
6 T. Hulton & S. Moores Stamford v M. Roberts & K. Lappin Heaton Moor Away Win
7 N. Painter & G. Bennell Denton v D, Miller & J. Davies Brookdale Home Win
8 D. Milligan & M. Holmes Cheadle v M. Holton & P. Holtom Disley Away Win
9 D. Platt & A. Platt Sale v D. Biesty & B. Davey Brookdale Home Win
10 C. Cooke & T. Hale Denton v S. Scragg & M. Scragg Chorlton Away Win
11 T. Quayle & J. Whelan Fairfield v K. Roberts & M. Smith Sale Home Win
12 M. Serrage & T. Taylor Didsbury v J. Hall & P. Carter Cheadle Home Win
13 J. Chadwick & P. Wilkinson Stamford v L. Marland & L. Corner Brookdale Home Win
14 A. Newell & E. Rostron Ashton-u-Lyne v P. Latham & T. Walker Fairfield Home Win
15 P. Forshaw & D. Unsworth Brookdale v T. Brook & R. Milne Heaton Moor Away Win
16 J. Hughes & B. Bloomer Stamford v R. Seddon & E. Shottin Disley Away Win
17 K. Moore & B. Moore Sale v J. Bell & C. Matthews Fairfield Home Win
18 F. Finley & C, Hartley Didsbury v C. Max & J. Waters Cheadle Home Win
19 P. Browne & S. Snape Sale v R. Battye & C. Mawdsley Cheadle Away Win
  Round To Be Completed By June 15th   Contact Opponents By  May 25th  

WGTB Club Trophy Rules and Draw Information

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