WGTB Club Trophy 2017


  WGTB Club Trophy 2017     Round One    
1 P. Browne & S. Snape Sale v R. Lodge & M. Cheadle Stamford Home Win
2 G. Gable & D. Stephenson Disley v T. Crewe & H. Hayes Sale Away Win
3 J. Chadwick & P. Murray Stamford v J. Sandford & N. Bottomley Cheadle Home Win
4 P. Lloyd & K. Williams Brookdale v M. Westbrook & C. Dews Cheadle Home Win
5 M. Roberts & K. Lappin Heaton Moor v S. Clough & A. Andrews Didsbury Home Win
6 J. Hall & P. Carter Cheadle v P. Rowles & P.J. Moore Sale Away Win
7 J. Smith & J. Veldhoven Davyhulme Park v J. Eaton & C. Dinsdale Heaton Moor Home Win
8 T. Benson & S. Devlin Sale v     Bye
9 M. Gregory & P. Dawes Cheadle v B. Thomas & R. Glaister Stamford Away Win
10 K. Pringle & F. Collins Didsbury v P. Barlow & M. Hewitt Stamford Away Win
11 J. Wilson & P. McConnell Didsbury v     Bye
12 G. Plant & T. Holtam Cheadle v J. Essex & C. Etherington Sale Away Win
13 S. Neersoo & T. Phillips Sale v A. Angleone & S. Seager Stamford Home Win
14 J. Williams & B Campbell Brookdale v Dr Moore & J. Thomas Sale Home Win
15 S. Brookes & P. Birkett Chorlton v J. Walker & M. Loynd Cheadle Home Win
16 G. Moore & K. Moore Sale v     Bye
17 S. Warrender & G. Barber Denton v H. Johnston & M. Hoyland Sale Home Win
18 L. Corner & P. Tunstall Brookdale v C. Maudsley & R. Battye Cheadle. Away Win
19 P. Kissimi & M. Hart Denton v J. Berry & R. Buckley Sale Home Win
20 J. Perks & P. Doolan Stamford v     Bye
21 K. Roberts & M. Smith Sale v N. Painter & G. Bennell Denton Home Win
22 B. Harris & C. Cale Cheadle v     Bye
23 D. Baird & A. Robson Brookdale v S. Mather & N. Davis Sale Away Win
24 L. Hewson & S. Jenkinson Denton v S. Littlewood & C. Antonio Heaton Moor Home Win
25 A. Lowe & T. Stiles Sale v G. Clark & T. Mayo Brookdale Away Win
26 D. Jones & R. Harper Sale v A. Welsh & K. Thompson Didsbury Home Win
27 P. Forshaw & D. Unsworth Brookdale v G. Jenkinson & J. Hassett Sale Away Win
28 P. Middleton & G. Shaw Sale v S. Wells & P. Prince Withington Away Win
29 L. Walker & D. Beard Denton v D. Batterley & S. Poucher Sale Home Win
30 B. Foster & J. Loughman Brookdale v B. Rogerson & G. Buchan Sale Away Win
31 P. Cain & M. Owen Brookdale v J. Jones & D. Wallace Sale Away Win
32 P. Bradford & D. Ranshi Sale v N. Holohan & C. Tichias Heaton Moor Home Win

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