WGTB Club Trophy 2019


  WGTB Club Trophy 2019     Round One    
1 K. Moore & G. Moore Sale v C. Maudsley & R. Battye Cheadle Home Win
2 S. Brookes & K. Birkett Chorlton v J. Chadwick & J. Ainscough Stamford Away Win
3 T. Walker & P. Latham Fairfield v P. Rowles & S. Najduch Sale Away Win
4 T. Tighe & S. Devlin Sale v R. Howell & D. Smith Gatley Home Win
5 S. Neerso & I. Wood Sale v N. Bottomley & J. Sandford Cheadle Away Win
6 D. Carlile & I. Bullough Sale v I. Bailey & K. Pringle Didsbury Away Win
7 C. Mulhearn & P. Dearden Flixton v M. Westbrook & C. Dews Cheadle Home Win
8 J. Jones & D. Wallace Sale v M. Chapman & T. Clarkin Brookdale Away Win
9 S. Littlewood & P. Massey Heaton Moor v S. Clough & A. Andrews Didsbury Home Win
10 A. Parsonage & S. Gill Chorlton v K. Rogers-Davidson & J. Trippett Sale Away Win
11 N. Buller & P.Tunstall Brookdale v P. Browne & S. Snape Sale Away Win
12 S. Owen & D. Griffith Cheadle v M. George & J. Berry Sale Home Win
13 M. Keane-Williams & J. Arcaini Sale v B. Thomas & B. Glaister Stamford Home Win
14 B. Vaireley & C. Breen Marple v J. Hall & P. Carter Cheadle Home Win
15 D. Ranshi & P. Bradford Sale v D. McPhee & C. Musonda Marple Away Win
16 D. Barlow & P. Lee Sale v D. Miller & P. Johnson Gatley Home Win
17 L. Walker & P. Beard Denton v K. Buckley & J. Annesley Sale Home Win
18 S. Dinsdale & J. Collins Heaton Moor v A. Kendall & J. Graves Sale Home Win
19 K. Roberts & M. Smith Sale v P. Buckley & G. Smith Brookdale Away Win
20 D. Holmes & G. Parkin Gatley v T. Crewe & T. Lowe Sale Away Win
21 M. Terris & D. Terris Altrincham v P. Bolter & R. Gray Sale Away Win
22 P. Lloyd & K. Williams Brookdale v R. Milne & T. Brook Heaton Moor Home Win
23 M. Heywood & T. Tancock Sale v D. Unsworth & P. Forshaw Brookdale Home Win
24 M. Robinson & T. Baines Marple v R. Downes & N. Stanmore Sale Home Win
25 B. Peacock & H. Hayes Sale v B. Foster & J. Loughman Brookdale Home Win
26 K. Bowden & T. Golds Chorlton v J. Hassett & H. McKay Sale Home Win
  Matches To Be Completed By

25th July


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