Geoff takes on another top role at Disley

GEOFF Gable made history at Disley Golf Club as he became the first-ever club Captain to immediately follow this role by being the club President –probably very few people in golf have done this.

Geoff has now taken on the new role at the club of Director of Golf (DoG)and he explains what is involved in the role

He said: "It is common knowledge that the majority of Golf Clubs are struggling to attract new members and to retain their existing members, because of this and the need to increase revenue through, social functions, Society Golf, Wedding Parties, Funerals, Christenings etc, etc. the needs and requirements of the members can be overlooked,.


Geoff Gable DoG


"Members are still the life blood of a Golf Club and without them the Golf Club would not exist regardless of how many functions are held. With this in mind and with a remit to act as a conduit between members and the Board, the position of Director of Golf has been created at Disley.

"The basic idea would be to ensure Comps and Handicaps, Greens, and other board members can concentrate on their specific jobs with the DoG taking an overview of all golfing matters.

"The points raised in the general overview it has been discussed for some time that a position was required in the golf club which would manage all golf related activities within the club.

"The position would be a Board position with the title of Director of Golf, the main objective would be, promoting the game of golf through structure and programming that provides a "first class" environment for members and visitors. The DoG will be responsible for all golf operations, special tournaments, members and guest events and charity events.

"The basic duties were to plan, promote and direct all golfing activities, prepare monthly budgets for all golfing activities, liaise with and support the Captain’s and President’s itinery during their year in office and to ensure all club policies, golf rules and regulations are met.

"Also to consult with Greens Director and the Club Professional regarding course ‘set up’ practice facilities and the long range development of the club and course, liaise with Membership Director and Professional to look at methods of maintain and increasing membership.

"Because the position of DoG is a new undertaking for Disley Golf Club it is envisaged that the list of duties is not exhaustive and can be amended to suit changes in circumstances and practice.

At many large corporate Golf Clubs (usually not members owned clubs) the position of DoG is filled by a PGA Professional Golfer with the remit to run all functions of the business, at "At Disley we decided that it would be beneficial to appoint a member with knowledge of the history of the club and the aspirations and wishes of its members, together with a desire to move the club forward and embrace the new ideas required to keep the club a pleasant, welcoming and friendly place to play your golf.

" I have been a member a Disley for over 35 years I have been fortunate enough to have held the office of Captain and President and I think I am still capable of embracing these new ideas so with this in mind I applied for the position and was extremely pleased, after a hard fought and at times a rough campaign, to be elected, the fact that I was the only applicant may have helped.

"As with any Golf Club we are in competition with other clubs in our area for a diminishing pool of golfers, because of the shortage of new members in our catchment area, clubs local to each other are reluctant to exchange ideas and development plans with the only knowledge of each other’s activities being information in the local press regarding the seemingly all-consuming need to beat each other’s ‘Best Deals’, ‘Special Offers’, ‘Lowest Subscriptions’ etc.

" Since most clubs have abolished the Joining Fee it has created a group of transient members who will move from club to club for the best deals, whilst this is good for the individual golfer it is a nightmare for the poor Financial Director trying to make ends meet, with this in mind we are now approaching successful clubs outside our catchment area to exchange ideas and development plans, because we are not in competition for the same members this has resulted in some very interesting dialogue and a great exchange of ideas from both golfing activities and catering sides of the club.

"Through this dialogue and the hard work of Competitive Edge Ltd run by PGA Professionals Scott Jackson and Ian Ridgway Disley Golf Club will be once again running what is becoming the most successful Pro Am tournament in the North West.

" It is a two day event with top money winnings for the professionals attracting Pros for all over the country, again, learning from our discussions with other clubs and through the hard work of our Chairmen Paul Backx we have moved from a Steward and Stewardess to a franchise catering arrangement with top Chef Curt Thomas now responsible for providing quality food and also promoting ‘Fine Dining’ evenings and other social events, this development alone is proving a great success, with the social membership increasing more than at any time in the last 10 years with non-golfing members responsible for a large increase in bar revenue.

"The position of DoG is both challenging and exciting and one that I am looking forward to."


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