Joanne Morley Junior Challenge 2017


Provisional Tee Times

If changes need to be made they will be done on the day and will only move players one or two slots

Please check in at clubhouse at least 30 minutes before scheduled tee time.

No trolley pullers or caddies allowed

Course conditions will be assessed prior to tee off and local rules will apply where appropriate

Competition – Singles Stableford

Play for Boys from Yellow tees and Girls from red tees

Handicap limits – 28 for boys and 36 for girls (play off 9/10 handicap)

If you cannot score pick up your ball.


Trolley pullers and caddies not allowed (ok to use range finders etc)

Parents etc are requested not to help players and keep a reasonable distance from them

It may be possible that we will be able to start a few minutes before 10.30am so be ready for an earlier start than on this sheet


10.35 O Doran (Delamere Forest) 1, R Owen (Styal) 3, R Anderton (Chorley) 4

10.43 C Ward (DHP) 5, J Ashfield (Delamere Forest) 1, J Muir Styal 3

10.51 B Lee (Ringway) 5, B Currie (Withington) 9, A James (Rossendale) 4

10 59 G Osborne (Delamere Forest) M Dodd-Berry (Royal Liverpool)) S Johnson (Astbury) 3

11.07 J McCrindle (Royal Liverpool) 7, A Carr (Sale) 9, H Roberts (Delamere Forest) 8

11.15 W Lord (Ringway) 15, B Brogan (Delamere Forest) 11, D Lynch (Styal) 12

11.23 A Lavelle (Ringway) 15, H Brogan (Delamere Forest) 14, J Blackburn (Styal) 12

11.31 G Livesey (Crewe) 14, J Hartland (Ringway) 12, D Beck (Styal) 11

11.39 C Self (Ringway) 21 A Arnold (Houldsworth) 17, J Edwards (Astbury) 20

11.47 A. Yardley (Rochdale) 12, J Brownhill (Withington) 18, O Johnson (Ringway) 19

11.55 S Higgins (Withington) 17, J Stagg (Astbury) 19, N Rewhorn (Vicars Cross) 17

12.03  J. Hobson (Sale) 26, J Gornall (Preston) 22, A Frost (Astbury) 20

12.11 A Mohun (Vicars Cross) 21, J Nelson (Preston) 21, W. Hobson (Sale) 18.

12.19 J Dolley (Vicars Cross) 24, J Graham (Ringway) 28,


12.37 J. Plowman (Manchester) 15. 8 I Williamson (Delamere Forest) 13, B Ward (Ringway) 18

12.45 S Grayson (Ringway) 22, CM Tierney (Crompton and Royton) 8 S. Lee (Vicars Cross) 11

12.53 A Sarjantson (Didsbury) 27, E Parker (Styal) 19 A. Hirsch (Ringway) 27

13.01 E Halstead (Rochdale) 28, B Parker (Styal) 25 J. Cowop (Crewe) 31 J. Marsland (Lymm) 30


Prizes for- 1 best individual score and Joanne Morley Shield

2 Best boy, best girl and other individual prizes

3 Nearest the pin for boys on hole 8 and girls on hole 4

4 Best 11-years and under score

5 Best team score (top three players to be aggregated)- if you have six players they can make up two teams or 9+ players three teams –let us know before play who the players are in each team



A ball may be lifted, cleaned and placed on closely-mown areas. Before lifting the ball, the player must mark its position. Having lifted the ball, it must be placed in a spot within 6 inches of and not nearer the hole where it originally lay.

A ball in the rough may be lifted, cleaned and dropped as near to its original position no nearer the hole.

Should ground conditions become frozen or too wet as determined by the Course Manager, Professional Staff or General Manager, the use of mats will be compulsory for all players.

PLUGGED BALLS: A ball embedded in its own pitch mark, through the green, can be lifted, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to its original position, not nearer the hole.

BUNKERS: A player may lift and clean the ball, rake the bunker and place the ball, close to its original position, no nearer the hole without penalty.

TRACTOR MARKS: With the consent of a playing partner a ball can be lifted, cleaned and dropped within one club length of the nearest point of relief, not nearer the hole. If, after dropping, the ball comes to rest in the rough, it must be played as it lies. If it comes to rest on the fairway it must be played in accordance with the Winter Rules in force.

TEMPORARY GREENS: When not in use, temporary greens are GUR. Complete relief must be taken unless using a putter.

Please replace divots and use divot pegs as provided.


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