Manchester Alliance at Prestwich

Sponsored by Mark Richardson of Bionic Gloves

Alliance Programme Resumes At Last

AFTER an unwanted record-breaking run of seven successive cancellations the Manchester Alliance at last resumed its winter programme at Prestwich.

The event was moved to Prestwich from Birchwood and again heavy rain overnight and on the day threatened the fixture.

But thanks to a magnificent effort by the staff at Prestwich and willing volunteers, who kept the greens free of water and acted as spotters, the competition did take place.

All of the Alliance officials and players were profuse in their thanks to the club for doing such a great job.

Pro-Am Winners ltr Ollie Pantoja, sponsor Mark Richardson Phil Cooney Craig Corrigan

It was back to business on the course with Hart Commonís Steve Parry topping the individual pro section with a fine haul of 40 points to finish two clear of Ollie Pantoja (Ringway) and Craig Corrigan.

It was close in the pro am section with Pantoja and his Stand partner Charles Rogers who won a cpo on 46 points from Craig Corrigan and Phil Cooney (Wigan).


Also in the prizes were Steve Parry and Steve Ling (Chorley) 44, Phil Archer and Phil Millward (Birchwood) 43 and Graham Neville (Northenden) and Ross Sellers (Dunham Forest) 42.

It was a great day for Stamford duo Paul Traynor and Gary Foster who were on their way to play at The Belfry with club colleagues Steve Finan and Danny Fox when they got a call that the Belfry was closed.


Am-Am Winners Gary Foster (left) with Prestwich Captain Gordon Bostock and Paul Traynor


A quick call to Alliance President John Dowd saw them switch to Prestwich and Paul and Gary led in the am am section with 44 points from Vinny Doyle (Leigh) and Steve Aspinall (Birchwood) 42 and John Kilner and Neil Anderson (Ellesmere) 41.

Steve Parry


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