Peter looking forward to new roles at North

PETER Jones has only been a member of North Manchester Golf Club for a relatively short time but he is looking to take the club forward in his two new roles at the club.

Peter said: ". I've only been a member at this club for four years having retired from Greater Manchester Police in 2013 and a short period driving HGVs. 

"I joined the club with a handicap of 17 but once I started playing regularly and with a few lessons from Jason Peel the club professional, it came tumbling down.

"I was selected to take part in the Mizuno/Golf Monthly #YourGame2016 event (look it up on the internet) and that got me down to nine which I've managed to maintain.

"I'll be taking over in April 2018 as the Club Secretary / Chairman having served as Handicap Secretary in the 2017/18 season.

"This year will also see a change to the Treasurer and Vice-Chairman. 

Peter Jones

"The structure of the club won't change too much but I am hoping that more members will take active roles in the club whether that be on a committee or by volunteering to help at an event or two.  We have some active volunteers already but more would help a lot.

" I've been putting ideas before the board for the last 12 months and have had agreement for a number of projects including a novel Shared Membership deal to try to get more members to join us, a Second Club Membership offer to allow existing members of other golf clubs to add North Manchester to the courses they play regularly for just 200 per year, the addition of free golf insurance for all our members for the 2018/19 season and plans to add a new set of forward tees for beginners by the end of the year.

"The current board members have done an incredible job to keep us financially stable and 'in the black' in difficult times and the club owes a great deal to Chairman John Broadhurst and Treasurer Jim Edwards for all the work they have done for many years.  The new Treasurer, Phil Howcroft and I really will be 'standing on the shoulders of giants' as we take the club forward.

"With plans to increase use of the facilities and the number of events we hold and exciting new plans for a new clubhouse in the pipeline the members should see the club go from strength to strength in the future."


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