Chris looking forward to his new role at North

CHRIS Dempsey has a long connection with his beloved North Manchester Golf Club and he is relishing taking on a new top role as the club chairman in what promises to be a busy and exciting time for the club.

Chris said: "I started a NMGC as a junior when I was about 14 but didn't play all that much as I was too busy playing football. 

"I got back into golf about 15 years ago playing a bit of social golf, then rejoined NMGC in 2007 and have been here since. 

"I'd like to thank my dad for getting me into golf as he is a fellow member of NMGC and has been for approximately 30 years.

"My eldest son is now a member so we have 3 generations at the club.... and we have all had a hole in one! 

"Included in the future plans for the club include that with the exception of one board member the board is made up of a new-look board.

Chris Dempsey

"We have to build in the foundations the previous board have built, we face the same difficulties that most clubs now face, declining memberships, members not using the clubhouse and facilities like they once did - all this and trying to improve the course year on year. 

"We started a junior membership up three years ago having not had one for many years, this has been a success, but we need to encourage more to join in. "Jason Peel our professional is heavily involved and the emphasis is getting them in on the course competing, but most of all enjoying it. 

"We still have our fingers crossed that the new club house development will all go through, which would put the club in a much stronger position for the future. 

"Our festival week starts on July 2 and we have singles, seniors, doubles, and team events throughout the week. 

"We have various charity days throughout the year, we have recently had the Captains charity it was a huge success. 

"We have just recently had a sponsorship from our JW Lees brewery, who have been great to the club for many years, and long may that continue."


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