Great experience for Daniel

DANIEL Myers has had a great season at Reddish Vale with success in several junior tournaments which included qualifying for the Champions week final of the Junior European Open at Andalucia Golf Club in Spain.

Daniel and his dad Andrew, the professional at Reddish Vale, travelled to the South coast of Spain to the resort near to Estepona.
Andrew said: "There are two courses at Andalucia, both of which are quite spectacular the ‘Links’ and the ‘Heathland’ – each course a long and very undulating par 74 –you can see Gibraltar some 40 km away from various parts of both courses. Each competitor played two rounds on each course, so four rounds in total over four days; counting their best two rounds from the four.


Daniel tees off


"The two courses had suffered after the previous week’s flash floods, and were playing extremely long due to the heavy ground and the fact they had been unable to cut the fairways for over a week. It was lift, clean and place and it certainly needed it.

"At 13 years of age Daniel was one of the youngest players in the field, I would say the average age was about 16 or 17. It was all done on gross scores and the highest handicapper he played with was off five.

"There were no ‘practice rounds’ and Daniel teed off his first round at 8.26 on Sunday morning which was virtually first light, with me on the bag.

"PGA Professionals are allowed to caddy in this event as long as they are parents.

"It was wet and windy and talk about being thrown in at the deep end. Daniel hit a perfect shot off the first tee (as he did in all four rounds) and played well tee to green but the putting let him down; it was no place for an aggressive putter and even three footers had to be died into the hole, especially if you were above it.

"I don’t think I have ever seen so many putts, miss-reads, shaking of heads and missed short putts from such good players.

"Rounds one and two could almost be considered the practice rounds of what was a very steep learning curve indeed.

"With a modified putting stroke and better weather Daniel scored better in rounds three and four and managed to improve his score by ten shots per round on each of the courses when played for the second time. Mid 80s wasn’t bad here, but as always could have been lower…

"If Daniel could start the week again knowing what he knows now, he knows that he would score far better, but it’s that process he needs to go through himself, and that experience gained which will help him the most. This was golf at a higher level, being a little fish in a big pond rather than a big fish in a little pond. 
Daniel was one of only two players in the field who scored better with every round.

"Daniel could keep up with the majority of players tee to green, but this week has reinforced the need for a great short game, which will come with time and practice - the main difference in the scoring. Course management is still questionable at times to say the least and I did remind him we were playing medal on some occasions and did my level best to bring him round to my way of thinking! But there is always next year, and the year after…


So all in all a fantastic experience, which ticked all the boxes and more of what we hoped it would, and I am certain this will only increase Daniel’s appetite to be better at golf and help him focus him on how to achieve that.

"He enjoyed it, playing golf and mixing with all the other leading players; he will be desperate to qualify for next year and get another week off school!



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