Matt Makes His Dream Move

STOCKPORT Golf Club assistant professional Matt Fryer is looking forward to an exciting future following his move to be a teaching professional at the Trafford Golf Centre.

Matt has had some great experience at local clubs including Mere, Davenport and Stockport and he is sure that this will stand him good stead in his new role.

Matt said: "Having started my professional career at Mere Golf & Country Club and focusing my time more towards retail and playing side of the game, over the past three years spent at Davenport GC and more recently Stockport GC, I have turned my focus to what has become my real passion, which is teaching and helping golfers improve and enjoy the game more.


Matt welcomed to TGC by Pete Styles

"I have had some great times and meet many wonderful people during my time working in the golf clubs and canít thank the professionals like Gary Norcott, Pete Eyre and Tony Stevens enough for the invaluable lessons and information they have passed on to me.

"During the last two years I have established myself as one of the more recognisable faces in the social media scene with my YouTube channel growing quickly to 12,000 subscribers and opening the door to many exciting opportunities and allowing me to connect and help golfers from all over the world.

"I would like to thank the professionalís I have worked along the way with and especially Gary Norcott, my previous boss at Stockport GC, who really helped me get ready and helped me plot for my future.

"He was very supportive of my ambition to be a coach and gave me some very valuable information and did everything he could to help achieve my goals.

 "Itís a really exciting move for me with the Trafford Golf Centre being a leading light in coaching in the North and when Andy Carter who has now moved to Dubai put me forward for the job it was an opportunity too good to let pass.  

"With the new renovation and relocation of the teaching bays and the centre busier than it has ever been- it actually saw 12 million balls being hit last year - it is the perfect time to join the team of innovative and highly regarded professionals and to start helping even more people enjoy this wonderful game.


 Matt at work in his new coaching area

"I personally want to become the best coach I can be and follow in my fatherís footsteps as being one of the northís most respected coaches. I see a really bright future at Trafford Golf Centre and canít wait for what will come in the future.

"Finally  Iíd just like to thank all the people I have coached in the past and all the people I have met on my journey so far in golf and Iím very optimistic about the next ten years in the industry and under the guidance of Pete Styles and the team here at Trafford Golf Centre, I hope to be added to the list of great PGA Professionalís the centre has  produced."


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