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Your Other WGTB Team Members are:

Ken Wardle      Geoff Garnett      Jean Tomlinson


Alan Simmons



After leaving school the difficult choice on a career had to be made from one of the two main interests, sport or photography with the latter being the eventual winner as a chance to join a company in Manchester presented the opportunity for one of the main interests to become a starting point in working life in the photographic industry.

The early years working and training in Manchester took itís toll on the sporting activities as little time was available for the main passions of football and cricket until in 1969 a chance to join a leading photographic importer selling Canon and Panasonic products became the way forward, allowing for the weekends to once again be dominated by sporting activities.

Through cricket a new friendship would be made with Geoff Garnett at South West Manchester which would result in the game of golf becoming a part of the sporting calendar as a regular player in the Teachers Golf Society during the early 70ís and becoming a member at Didsbury Golf Club in 1974 thanks to Geoff.


Thanks to that little bit of sporting luck or as it could be described being in the wrong place at the right time a change in direction in football would lead to a new challenge as a Referee which would eventually go all the way to the top gaining Football League status in 1984.

A change of career would once again put sport onto the back burner as a new challenge presented itself working in the world of engineering with packaging machinery.

However, as always sport coupled with the incurable disease of finding it difficult to say no, when asked about being involved with a sporting activity, joined the WGTB Team in 2004.  

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